Year 1 Team

Mrs Anna Bryant

Fox Class Teacher (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday)
Pronouns: She/Her Mrs B

Miss Kirsty Cargill

Fox Class Teacher (Thursday and Friday)
Pronouns: She/Her

Miss Cargill is also one of our Assistant Headteachers.

Mr Jake Newman

Fox Class Teaching Assistant
Pronouns: Him/His

Mrs Emma Colman

Midday Meals Supervisor, Fox Class
Pronouns: She/Her

Mrs Gemma Oswald

Hedgehog Class Teacher (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)
Pronouns: She/Her

Mrs Oswald leads Year 1 with Mrs Bryant and is on the humanities team.

Ms Holt

Hedgehog Class Teacher (Monday and Tuesday), leads RE and is on the maths team
Pronouns: She/Her

Mrs Bray

Hedgehog Class Teaching Assistant and Mid-Day Meals Supervisor
Pronouns: She/Her

Mrs Hannah Gates

Badger Class Teacher
Pronouns: She/Her

Mrs Gates is our Art and Design and Technology leader and she takes charge of the school's participation in the Brighton Festival Children's Parade.

Mrs Chris Hill

Badger Class Teaching Assistant and cover Mid-Day Meals Supervisor
Pronouns: She/He

Mrs Linda Groundsell

Midday Meals Supervisor, Badger Class
Pronouns: She/Her

Ms Sally Franks

Squirrel Class Teacher
Pronouns: She/Her

Mrs Jo Theelke

Squirrel Class Teaching Assistant
Pronouns: She/Her

Ms Kristen McCully

Squirrel Class Mid-Day Meals Supervisor