At Downs Infants we believe that education is about developing the whole child.  It should enable children to be able to make the very best of their lives; having choice and opportunity in their social and economic situation, contributing to society, and developing a sense of self-worth.  A good education should be rich in knowledge and in opportunities to apply that knowledge. Children’s education should include experiences of our cultural, artistic, sporting and social heritage, and encourage them to contribute to this. Please click on the link below to find out how we do this.

Curriculum planning statement.




Downs Infant School Proposed Overview of Trips and Events 2018-19

There may be some changes as we believe it is important to respond to the children’s needs and interests, however, we hope this gives you a helpful overview.



Year 1

Year 2

Whole School

Autumn 1

Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Super hero day (dress up)


Martlets #bemoresnailappeal (donations and dress up)

Harvest City Mission (food donations)

Autumn 2

Autumn Walk (free)

Nursery Rhyme Tea Party (dress up)

Local geography walk (free)

Great Fire of London (dress up and donation for Rainbow Theatre)

Antibullying (dress in blue)

Christmas performances (costumes)

Christmas Jumper Day (donations of items for the Fair)

Elf on the Twelfth (dress up and donations for the Martlets

Spring 1

Transport Trip (donation)


Shelter building (donation)

Pavilion Trip (donation)

Charity TBA

Spring 2

Space Day (dress up)



World Book Day (dress up and books available for purchase)

Summer 1

Lady Land Farm (donation)

Beach trip (donation)

Lewes Castle (donation)

Science Day

Summer 2

Pirate Show (donation) and Pirate Day (dress up)


Year 2 Show (costumes)

Healthy Week – various activities some of which need dress up and some donations

Sports Days

RE focus week